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North 845 emergency escape breathing apparatus

When something threatens your life, there’s no time to lose. And H2S environments are no exception. Accidental releases of hydrogen sulfide may have detrimental effects on the individual’s health, cause severe injuries or even death. In H2S scenarios, when every second counts, one must use reliable protective equipment and act quickly to escape a hazardous area as soon as possible. This is when the EEBD 845 from North comes in. It is the device that can save lives if used properly.

North 845 is an EBS (emergency breathing system) intended to provide a wearer with breathable air for 5 minutes in the situations involving oxygen deficiency or toxic gas releases. This device is proven to supply the amount of air that is enough to leave a dangerous area but not to deal with the consequences of the emergency. Please note that it must not be used for fighting fires, removing accumulated hydrogen sulfide, etc.

Components of the North 845 emergency breathing system

This EEBD can be used in marine, oil, gas, and industrial applications as well as confined spaces for escape purposes. The North 845 device is made up of a 2,216 psi-aluminum refillable cylinder that directs breathable air to a ventilation hood through a supply hose. A special valve, pressure gauge, and orifice ensure the adequate air flow to provide a wearer with 5 minutes of the breathing time.

The emergency breathing apparatus from North is flexible and lightweight to preserve the mobility of an individual. It comes with a carrying pouch and a strap, providing you with a variety of wearing methods. Depending on the work environment, you can use these add-ons in a way that doesn’t impede your movements.

Before using North 845, be sure to carefully read the manufacturer’s manual. Find it in the specifications section below.


Manufacturer: North (Honeywell)

Product Model: 845

Item: Emergency Breathing Apparatus

Type: Emergency Escape Breathing Device

$750.00 Currently Unavailable

Includes: Refillable air cylinder, carrying pouch, shoulder strap, ventilation hood, air director.

Air Flow: 42 Liters per minute

Cylinder Type: Aluminum

Hood material: Polyurethane

Breathing time: 5 minutes

Cylinder Pressure: 2216 psi

Refill Thread size: 0.750-16 UNF-2B

Min Temperature: -25F (-30C)

Operation and Maint. instruction Manual: Download

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