H2S Training Group Rates

Uncompromised dedication to quality H2S Training, and student management.

H2S Training Group Rates and Student Management

Group rates allow a multitude of students to sign up together, and leverage quantity to obtain additional discounting on H2S Training and certain products. When you sign up with a group, a Group ID is created uniquely to your company, and the user signing up will have access to manage any student signed up under their Companies Group ID. This Learning Management System allows a group manager (supervisor, safety officer, program administrator) to manage student's certification status and progress. In addition to this, you can sign users up for training, purchase additional training, and even attend training yourself directly from the LMS Portal. Take control of your employees H2S Training by signing up with the H2S Online Training Center's Group Rates and Learning Management System.

Current Group Rates

H2S Awareness Training, H2S Awareness Recertification, H2S Basic Training

Students 1-10 = 5% Discount

Students 11-25 = 10% Discount

Students 26-50 = 15% Discount

Students >50 = 20% Discount

Emergency Breathing Apparatus (EEBD)

Quantity 6-20 = 5% Discount

Quantity >20 = 10% Discount

Personal H2S Monitors

No Discounts Currently Available

Fit Test Kits

No Discounts Currently Available