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H2S Safety Equipment

For your convenience, The H2S Online Training Center offers a few products that along with H2S Training, will keep you safe in hazardous H2S environments. These particular products will help ensure that with your training, you will be well equipped and able to protect yourself should an H2S release threaten you in your working environment.

Emergency Breathing Apparatus (EBA)

The EBA we offer serves as an H2S Escape respirator where environments are Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health. By North Safety this emergency escape breathing device is compact, lightweight, provides 5 minutes of breathing time, and includes an air director to minimize fogging. The simplistic design of this EBA provides ease of use, and is one of the most common Escape respirators used in environments where H2S is present.

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Personal H2S Monitor

The GasAlertClip by BW is the most popular personal H2S detector in any environment where H2S may be present. The GasAlertClip carries a 2 year calibration and battery, so it's one and done for two full years. Make sure you can properly protect yourself by knowing when H2S gas is present. Learn about the GasAlertClip and all H2S Gas detectors with our H2S Training and stay safe knowing what's in the environment around you.

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Fit Test Kit

When it comes to H2S Training, the typical classroom offers a fit test. But the fit test offered must be performed in the type of respirator you are expected to use, and isn't something that can be done online. So we offer this qualitative irritant smoke fit test kit. Good for up to 20-25 uses, this fit test kit is a perfect solution for groups needing to perform a fit test. For 30 minute work SCBA's and Hoseline Type C work units, this fit test kit will help you meet all OSHA respiratory protection requirements for H2S environments.

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